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Revolutionizing the postpartum experience through physical therapy and education.

You and your body have been through a lot, and let’s be real—sometimes a good belly laugh or chasing after your kids might make you pee a little. We want to help restore your freedom to live boldly and get back to being the queen you always have been.



Diastasis Recti

Low Back/Hip Pain

Pelvic Pain

SIJ Pain


SPD Pain

About Reanna

Reanna Aguirre enjoys being the educator to moms to help them restore their function to live their lives without pain, incontinence, or weakness. She discovered how little information and education is given to moms to help them heal their body after delivery and her real passion was revealed. She started her own clinic on the simple belief that moms deserve better postpartum care.

When Reanna is not at the clinic, you can likely find her playing tennis with her husband, Javi, walking her 2 rescue dogs, Piper and Poppy, or curled up on the couch with a good book.

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How we work

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A comprehensive assessment of your reported symptoms, observation of how you perform functional movements, and strength testing in order to create a plan of action to achieve your goals



Working together to improve pain, pressure management, strength, and movement patterns to rebalance how your body should function



Increasing the challenge on your body to ensure that your new found strength and pressure management is able to rise to the occasion



Ensuring you have the ability to take on not only the demands of motherhood but any activity you desire without limitations of weakness, pain, and most importantly, without incontinence

We make the process easy

Holistic Approach

We don't just assess your pelvic floor and put on blinders to the rest of your body. Typically, clients that are experiencing pelvic floor challenges have other areas that aren't working to their peak function. Instead of having you make multiple appointments at various locations, we will treat everything that is within our scope of practice.


You get access via text, phone call, or email to us in between sessions to ask about exercises, progressions, or reminders of information shared during a prior session


Treatment plans directed by progress and realistic goals that you want to work on, not dictated by insurance timelines

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Reanna has such a passion and commitment to her career and to her patients and you can feel that the moment you meet her. She is always one step ahead of the game and treats each patient as an individual verses by the textbook along with each treatment session. If you are looking for someone who truly cares about you in and outside of being her patient, she is your person!

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